The Hair Extensions Gave Her Such Volume

When my sister asked me to help her pick out the right kind of hair extensions for her to wear, I was so happy. I was blessed with thick hair like our father, but she took after our mom, who has very thin and delicate hair. I always felt bad that I could do so much with my hair while she was stuck with very few styles that looked decent. I had tried to convince her to do this, and I was so happy that she was finally going to get the Brazilian body wave hair bundles that I knew would make her hair look absolutely amazing.

She asked me what the difference was between Brazilian hair extensions and other types, and I explained that it is really in the way that it can be styled. The company that we purchased her hair extensions from do not collect any hair for their extensions from a woman who has had any kind of chemical treatments done. That alone makes the hair a lot more valuable than other companies. Called virgin hair, it is just the best kind of hair to work with because it matches a person’s hair so closely.

I showed her some pictures of women wearing the Brazilian hair extensions, and she was really surprised because it was not obvious at all. I knew she was going to look fabulous with them in her own hair, and I could not wait until they were delivered so we could put them in. I would not let her look in the mirror when I put them in the first time, and I will be honest about my own reaction. I actually cried, because I knew she finally had the lush hair that she has always wanted. These extensions gave her the volume that she needed, and it makes such a world of difference in her hair.