Finding Organic Food in Singapore

The more I read about goes into the production of food these days, in terms of chemicals and hormones, and all other sorts of things, the more reluctant I am to eat it. I am going to try to switch to organic food, but I am not sure where to get it around here, and how much it is going to cost, if I do try to switch to it. I am trying to find a listing of organic stores in Singapore and I hope to find one that is close to my house, so that I can visit on a regular basis and buy food for myself and my family.

I am even more concerned about feeding food to my children, because young children deserve to eat well, and they don’t need to be pumped full of chemicals. I just think it is kind of unethical to feed your kids things without knowing what all is in them. I never knew how much food is altered in production these days, until I started looking into it and frankly I was a bit horrified by some of the things I found out.

Anyway, I think that I will try my best to switch to better food, and by better food I mean food that is produced organically. That is the best way to assure that there aren’t a bunch of crazy chemicals in the stuff that you are eating. I was looking into processed food in particular, and I don’t know how people eat the stuff. It is like it is not even real food. Kind of makes me sick to think about it, and I know I will feel a lot better once I have some organic food in my house. So I hope to go shopping for some later today.