I Wanted to Get More Comments on My YouTube Videos

One of my favorite things about YouTube is the comment section. Even before I got my own YouTube channel, I always judged videos by the comments. If there are only a couple of comments on a video, then it is probably not that good. If there are dozens or hundreds, then it is worth a view to see why so many people felt the need to comment on it. When I started my own YouTube channel, I knew that I was going to buy YouTube comments as well as likes and views.

I could have done it the traditional way, which is just letting those things build up on their own, but that would have been counterproductive to what I was trying to achieve. I really liked that I would be able to make money on my YouTube channel, but I knew that I needed to draw people to my channel to make that happen. The first order of business was having amazing content, which was not a problem. The second thing I had to focus on was getting higher numbers, which is why I went to socialwows.com.

I chose them because I have a few friends who have used them, and they have told me that this company charges a fair rate for everything they offer. While my friends used this company to increase their numbers on Twitter and Instagram, I had a feeling that I would have the same kind of success with YouTube. I knew that I was not the only one who judges a video based on the number of comments, and that is why I wanted to have comments over anything else. I ended up not having to choose though because I was able to purchase a bundle package where I got likes and views too.