Benefits of Rugged Touch Screen Monitors in Albany Georgia

If your work requires outdoor or field work in Albany Georgia, you need a device capable of withstanding adverse conditions. Large manufacturing and production companies are now designing tablets, phones and laptops capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, dust exposure and drops from high altitudes.


To be useful, any rugged touchscreen must be easily legible in all lighting conditions, whether indoor or outdoor. Otherwise, the device becomes almost useless; therefore a high-brightness screen is a key requirement for industrial use.

Bright displays can also help ease eye strain and enhance user experiences by eliminating distracting reflections and washed-out colors, making it easier for workers to access and interpret data.

As well as brightness, touchscreens must also be durable enough to withstand moisture and other environmental elements, including hands bringing water onto it through touch gestures, dust accumulation and extreme temperatures.

Getac’s LumiBond 2.0 technology provides an indestructible touchscreen that works effectively regardless of temperature or moisture conditions, boasting superior contrast, saturation and accuracy, viewing angles and other features.

Water Resistance

Rugged touch screen monitors are specially engineered to operate reliably in diverse environments and conditions, from dust, moisture and extreme temperatures, through physical impact and vibration resistance, making them essential tools in military and aerospace applications where rapid, easy-to-use technology is critical to cutting down time on the field.

Many industrial LCDs boast high IP ratings that protect them from liquid immersion and powerful water jets, and can withstand temperatures from -30degC to 50degC or beyond. Furthermore, they can endure frequent use by being knocked against doors, tools or other objects without suffering damage.

Getac’s rugged displays feature LumiBond 2.0 technology to eliminate air gaps caused by other display technologies by optically bonding the touchscreen and LCD layers together using clear resin, creating the brightest rugged device displays with sunlight readability and increased touch accuracy while increasing durability by protecting against damage to LCD panels. This design provides for increased touchscreen touch accuracy as well as durability by preventing damages to LCD.


Rugged touch screens can withstand even the harshest industrial settings, thanks to their robust designs that protect them against impacts and vibration. As an ideal option for heavy duty applications such as factory automation systems, rugged touch screens also provide additional benefits that help improve productivity and efficiency.

Industrial touch screen monitors enable operators to visualize data in real-time, helping them to make quick decisions and increase productivity. Furthermore, their durability and ease of cleaning makes maintenance costs and downtime decrease considerably.

Optic bonding significantly extends the durability of rugged displays by closing any gaps between their touchscreens and LCD layers, thus protecting against dust or liquid ingress that could otherwise lead to blurry images or irreparable damage. Furthermore, resin layers help prevent screen condensation caused when water hits cold glass, leading to a rugged touchscreen with greater protection from damage as well as greater responsiveness.


Rugged touchscreen monitors enable workers in Albany Georgia to access and navigate complex systems in challenging workplace environments with ease, enabling them to perform more complex tasks with greater efficiency while decreasing human error. This results in higher productivity rates and reduced human errors.

Rugged touch screens offer remote monitoring in harsh environments for real-time data. These durable devices withstand shocks, vibrations, and impacts to protect computer hardware against hazards like corrosion.

Rugged monitors feature higher sensor resolutions with finer tips than capacitive touchscreens, making them suitable for more demanding industrial applications. Furthermore, their higher moisture-proof ratings make them suitable for use outdoors as well as vehicles.

Optic bonding helps reduce any gaps between LCD display and touch screen that could trap dirt or debris, thus making touch input accurate and precise.