Where to Find Animal Communication Courses in Bukit Merah SG

where to find animal communication courses

Learn to communicate telepathically with animals, and build stronger relationships. This course in Bukit Merah SG is ideal for animal enthusiasts, veterinarians, animal behaviourists, pet sitters and dog walkers.

Discover how to decode what animals are telling, feeling, and needing with our series of fun classes that cover worldwide ZOOM access – no previous experience required!


Animal communication is a telepathic form of nonverbal communication that allows humans to establish conscious bonds with animals and nature. An ancient art, animal communication has profound therapeutic and transformative implications for both people and animals alike.

Understanding an animal’s relationship to their family and world goes far beyond learning what color their water bowl is or where their favorite toy resides – it involves understanding their behavior challenges, health concerns, end of life decisions, as well as making their sanctuaries more comfortable and enriching for both parties involved.

This class is for anyone who loves animals and wishes to deepen their relationships. Taught in an engaging learn-by-doing format, students are lovingly guided into communicating with their own animals from day one! By the end of class session one, you will have a clear understanding of how this form of communication works as well as why it works in a practical rather than mystical fashion, along with developing deeper awareness of your intuition which is required for accurate and successful interspecies communication.


Put on the decoder ring that allows you to understand what your animal companions are thinking, feeling, and needing. Learn how to talk and listen, tune into animal spirits guides, and offer transformative healings and readings to both humans and nonhumans alike.

This beginner course will help you develop your intuition and telepathic communication abilities. Learn the fundamentals of interspecies telepathic communication while practicing with animals both in class and at home.

Susan is a highly acclaimed animal communicator, animal psychic and teacher who founded Two Bear Healing Arts in Valley Cottage, NY. She offers beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of animal communication courses.

This animal on communication certification course singapore is for anyone who’s ready to advance their skills and make a real difference in the lives of both animals and humans. Training will be provided throughout the program design to assist others with animal communication (if desired), while simultaneously learning how to interact with animals on a more conscious, intuitive level.


Animal Communication Training classes are tailored for anyone who would like to develop the ability to converse with animals. From deep spiritual communion with your companion animals through finding behavioral challenges or understanding why they are suffering, this program will assist in doing just that. You’ll learn how to develop and activate intuition so you can communicate effectively with animal companions while discovering what animal communication really means (in an accessible and non-woo-woo manner).

These workshops will show you how to open up a channel of communication telepathically with animals using their language of thoughts, images, feelings, impressions and messages. You will discover easy-to-use tools, proven effective techniques and step by step tips that reveal and deepen intuitive abilities. Depending on class size or client requests, students may bring their own pets for training or can work with animals from class members or clients directly.


Animal Communication classes teach you to telepathically connect with animals and other beings of nature to facilitate healing and heart connection. All classes are online so you can attend them from any location – home, work, vacation – when time allows.

This comprehensive online training program takes you from animal lover to successful animal communicator in just 10 modules. Each of them offers step-by-step guidance that has proven successful for hundreds of other aspiring animal communicators like you.

Participants of this workshop will gain skills for communicating with animals via photos and in person as well as connecting to animal guides who have crossed over. You will practice communicating with other people’s pets to build up confidence in your abilities. Val Heart has been described as the real life Dr. Doolittle; her classes have been featured by ABC, NBC, Fox News as well as People Magazine and My San Antonio.