Tips For Renting a Wedding Gown in Jurong Island SG

Renting a wedding dress in Jurong Island SG is an economical solution for brides on a tight budget who wish to wear designer gowns without breaking their budget.

Though renting a bridal gown in Jurong Island SG might be tempting, it’s essential that you carefully evaluate its advantages and disadvantages before committing. Here are some helpful guidelines that may help you make this decision.


As wedding gowns can be expensive, not every bride can afford to purchase one outright. As an increasingly popular trend, brides are opting to rent gowns instead – this saves both time and money when renting gowns! However, before entering into such agreements it is vital to read over their terms and conditions carefully in order to prevent surprises later on down the road.

Some companies provide brides with access to in-house seamstresses who can make alterations, while other don’t. Furthermore, some require brides to pay additional storage and preservation fees that can add up quickly.

Some bridal stores provide preservation kits, while some brides use their dresses for baptismal gowns or as playthings for children. Other brides keep their gowns preserved in shadow boxes on their mantels for display purposes. Renting can also be an attractive solution if the bride does not intend on keeping her gown.


Wedding gowns can be expensive, so not every bride can afford their dream gown outright. But other options do exist – rental services offer designer dresses at a fraction of their retail cost and allow reversible alterations such as shortening the hem.

Rent a dress from Etsy, an online marketplace where creators sell handcrafted and vintage items. Many dresses available on this platform are meant for photoshoots; however, you could negotiate with their owner to wear it on your wedding day instead.

Make sure to explore the selection and reviews carefully before placing an order. If the dress doesn’t meet your standards, most online sites allow a 24-hour return window with full refund or site credit (minus delivery costs) offered as compensation.


As you shop for your wedding gown, make sure it fits comfortably. After all, it will be part of you for hours as you get dressed, sit for the ceremony and then dance the night away on the dance floor!

Selecting an ideal location for storing your dress is another crucial part of maintaining its integrity for years to come. Attic or basement storage spaces should be avoided as humidity and temperature fluctuations can damage it; in addition, avoid placing it near light sources like closets.

Be sure to use clean gloves when handling your dress, as your hands naturally produce oils which could transfer onto the fabric and damage it. Ask your preservationist for a pair of white cotton gloves as an additional safeguard.


An investment like purchasing a wedding gown should be treated with great care, which means treating it accordingly.

Dresses should be stored in a dark and cool area away from direct sunlight, to protect them from possible rush fees and provide brides-to-be plenty of options to try on in advance. It is advised to purchase their gown 8-12 months before their event in order to prevent rush fees. Ideally a bridal salon would offer their collection for brides-to-be to try on as they shop.

After their special day, many brides give their gown to hospitals as Angel Gowns to comfort grieving parents of babies who die during labor or shortly after delivery. Others donate it to consignment shops or have it remade so it can be worn again at another formal event.


Wedding dress rentals offer brides an economical solution to the hassle and expense of dry cleaning, storing and preserving their gown. However, it is essential to select a trustworthy company and adhere to its insurance policy in order to get the best value for their rental experience.

Some rental companies only provide basic coverage, while others will cover any replacement or repair costs incurred by all members of the bridal party – this may include bride, groom, parents and any attendants.

Wedding dress rental services work similarly to online shopping platforms, making it simple for you to peruse their inventory without leaving home. However, if you’re searching for something specific you may have to make additional trips. Furthermore, check if the rental company allows alterations.