There Was a Clog in the Drain

I knew I needed to find a good plumber in Essex County NJ a few weeks ago. My husband is usually the one who handles anything that goes wrong with the house, such as plumbing issues. The only problem was, he was not home when the drains decided to act up. He was away on a week long business trip, and we didn’t know anyone well enough to have them come to the house and look at it for me. He looked online though and was able to find a plumber that he felt good about, and he made an appointment for someone to come out that same day.

He explained that when I would flush the toilet, not only would the water not go down the toilet all the time, but water would also come up in the bathroom sink and even the shower sometimes. I had no idea what to do about it, but I knew that I could not wait until he got home from his trip to try and fix it. When he talked to the plumber on the phone, he was told that it sounded like a drain issue anyway, and that is something that they would have needed to come out for anyway.

I took the plumber right to the bathroom when he arrived, and he was able to tell immediately that it was indeed a drain issue. I told him that I thought maybe our son had flushed some of his smaller toys down the toilet, so he took a camera to see if he could see where the clog was. It turned out that it was just a mass of hair and other things that normally go down the sink and toilet, and it just needed to be broke up. He was able to do that, and everything has been working just fine ever since!