Looking at Deals on Satellite Packages

Of course I am not thinking about much of a deal, I can not afford to spend a huge sum of money on what I watch on TV. I suppose you can look at it in a variety of ways, but when you boil it down you can live without paying for TV. It is one of the last things you need. You need food, a roof above your head, clothes on your back and most people need a vehicle to get them back and forth to work. I am looking at directstartv.org where they have a deal up on a satellite package at 20 dollars a month. Of course I am thinking that there is probably more to it than that. For one thing the problem with a satellite system is that you have to buy and install the equipment. Every TV set you hook up to it needs it’s decoder box. You also need a clear line of sight to a specific piece of the sky, the place where you have to point the antenna to line it up with the satellite.

I have checked and I am reasonably sure that I can hook up the satellite system myself. I have this open piece of land to one side of my house and I am pretty sure it is good enough. I wonder if you have to have the antenna a certain distance of the house though. It might be that I could lose signal strength if it was too great a distance. Of course I figure that I will likely look for a used system on ebay or something like that. It is a bit of a risk, but the chances are I can find some reputable person who will sell me a system for a fraction of what it would cost new.