I Needed Back on the First Page of Results

The webmaster that created my website and handled my SEO needs retired. I thought that his business would be around still since he had a small staff helping him, but they disbanded. I have always been happy with their work, and they have managed to keep me on the front page of search engine results for the last three years. I thought that I would be able to get by without having to hire a new New York search engine optimization company, and I did manage that for a few months.

The first time that a search engine changed how it ranks websites completely wiped me off the first page though. I thought that would still be okay, but I noticed a drop in my business almost immediately. While I do have some repeat customers, my business really depends on new people finding me. I knew that I needed to hire a new SEO company quickly, because I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills if business did not pick back up fast. I did a search for SEO services, and I was not surprised by the huge amount of companies that came up on my search.

When I didn’t even go past the first page of results, it reminded me again why I needed to hire one of these companies. I was fair to each of them and looked at their websites, but only one stood out to me. I liked everything about them, from their pricing structure to exactly what they offer to their customers. They were able to start helping me that same week, and it was not long before I was back on the first page of search engine results. I know now that I will always have an SEO company helping me, because I need to stay on the first page of results to stay in business!