Found a Little Place Outside of Richmond

I am not sure how tough it is going to be to get in to the office all of the time, but Meg and I have found a nice little place in the suburbs. It is more safe than it needs to be probably, because it is in a gated community and it also has Richmond VA adt security. You have to go through one of two gates to get in or out of the neighborhood and there is usually a guard there. Some of the time you can only get in if you have the pass code card or whatever you call it. They have a rent a cop who cruises around every once in a while to check things out. In theory I guess that a thief could walk in through the woods, but it seems like they would find a place where there was less chance of getting caught.

At least if it was me and I was looking to steal some stuff I would try to find a place where they were less prepared than they are here. In fact we are sort of thinking that it is probably good enough just to have the sign that says you have ADT, along with maybe getting a fake surveillance camera and putting it some place where it can not be missed. Obviously you might have a thief who was smart enough to see through the bluff or you might get one who was too dumb to care, but more than likely that sort of stuff is going to be enough to make them walk down the street to find a place that has less of a risk in it. On the other hand the way it looks from reading the papers, there must be a lot of guys in prison who are not as smart as they thought they were.