How Does Crime Influence Our Behavior

Ever since 9/11 we Americans have been learning how to deal with fear. It’s not unreasonable to suggest that Americans and our culture have been targets by those with opposing ideologies that would like to see nothing better than the American ’empire’ brought to its knee. This has effected us domestically. Some of us have taken steps to try and manage our fear. For me, I began looking into home security prices and packages after I bought my first home because I’m far too aware now that there are multiple shadowy cultures in the world who would prey on others.

Whether they’re terrorists or your average street criminals, there are individuals who prey on fear but also prey on those who are naive. It’s easy to say to let go of the fear. It might seem a simple matter to think that a crime is not going to happen to you. Sure, I have never been robbed. I’ve never even been mugged but I do know people who have had their homes broken into and I do know someone that was mugged on the street. These things are real threats and we have to decide what sort of security we want to wrap ourselves up with.

So I chose to have a security system installed in my home. It wasn’t an easy decision. It shouldn’t be an easy decision for anyone – we have to think about the ramifications of having a security system. How is it going to effect our state of mind? How is it going to impact our behavior? I don’t want to believe that I am always surrounded by crime but I also want to make sure that I am protected from the potential act of a crime made against me. I don’t want to damage my emotional state by having a security system influence me.