Going Straight to the Top

It takes a lot of Twitch views to become one of the highest paid streamers on the Internet. When Twitch was in its infancy, I didn’t think about streaming much, mainly because I didn’t have the equipment to do it myself. That changed, and I’ve been streaming for a while, but I was far from being the number one streamer. I wanted to changed this, and the only way I knew how to do it was to buy twitch views. Buying the views would attract more views, which would give me more followers, and more views in and endless cycle.

I purchase my views in small blocks at a time to make them look more natural. I figured that if I purchased a big batch at once, they would look as if someone was trying to manipulate their way to the top, and people would take too kindly to that. The viewers can spot things like this easily, and they won’t hesitate to either turn their back on a streamer, or try to get them removed from the site.

Buying the viewers caused my view count to go up. Gradually, I was making my way to the top, while the other streamers were going down in the charts. I kept things fresh by playing a wide variety of games and providing humorous commentary that kept people coming back for me. Other people tried to duplicate my techniques, but they didn’t have any success in doing it. Eventually, I became the top streamer on the site, but I didn’t stop there. I had to keep my place at the top, or else I would fall off and have to work my way back to the top all over again, and that would not be an easy process to do the second time.