Trying to Live a Healthier Life

I have decided that it is time for me to take my health a lot more seriously. I am not trying to start a bunch of weird diet plans or one of those insanely intense exercise projects. You can do yourself a lot of harm if you jump in on a radical change of the way you live your life. I am thinking about exploring the benefits of walking daily and eating sensibly to start off. It is not a wise course to go headlong into a more intense regime of diet and exercise. The future probably holds much more intense working out, but that is not a good way to start out. You want to build up to where you are physically prepared to endure the exertion of that sort of work out. You may get a heart attack or sprain a bunch of your muscles if you go in it too hard to start. I need to lose between fifteen and twenty five pounds in the final analysis, but there is not so big of a hurry to get to the final goal. I figure that if I lose half of that amount, then that is going to be good enough to stave off serious repercussions. More to the point once I have lost that much I will be able to move on to a more intense program if that is what I think that I need to do. I figure that getting that much off is not really going to be an issue. I should be able to do it by simply walking a few miles per day and giving up foods which do not contribute. I drink a lot of sweet tea and a bit of soda as well. Trading water for that should eliminate a ton of calories.