Nail Polishing Tips in Houston

Professional nail artists in Houston sometimes create a mess while painting nails; fortunately, most of their mess can be cleaned up easily.

Less is More: Applying multiple thin coats of polish allows it to dry more evenly, helping extend its longevity and prolonging your manicure session.

1. Start with a base coat

If you have ever attempted to polish your nails and found yourself with yellow staining due to neglecting to apply base coat, that was likely not due to color differences but instead because you went without.

Base coats’ tacky formula acts like glue, immediately adhering to nail polish and keeping it from bleeding onto cuticles or skin.

Avoid cutting your cuticles as they provide protection from infections and are essential for nail growth. Instead, use a cuticle pusher to gently push them back. Some specialized base coats contain ingredients like rapeseed flower oil, cucumber extract, garlic bulb extract and evening primrose oil that support healthy cuticle development and strengthen nails while simultaneously strengthening them and keeping them strong and healthy.

2. Apply a thin coat of polish

Applying thin coats of polish will extend the longevity of your manicure. Thick layers take longer to dry and can become more vulnerable to chipping or peeling off.

Try applying thin layers of nail polish color using a “pressing” technique, by pressing down onto each nail with polish to form strokes similar to how lipstick or eyeshadow would be applied (think about applying lipstick or eyeshadow with your fingertip). Just be careful not to touch your cuticles!

If you have difficulty with maintaining an impeccable polish line, apply a thin layer of white school glue or petroleum jelly around each nail before painting them to protect the skin while creating smooth, straight lines.

3. Paint the free edge of your nails

Painting your nails to reflect your personal style and express your individuality is a wonderful way to showcase both. However, painting them yourself can become messy and time consuming without proper planning. Keeping nail polish remover on hand will allow you to quickly correct any mistakes quickly.

Another great way to ensure an orderly manicure is capping the free edges of your nails with petroleum jelly or lotion, using a cotton bud as needed to cover this space and run it around your nails’ edges. This will prevent nail polish from settling onto skin and chipping faster.

4. Paint your nails in sections

Painting your nails in sections is an efficient and time-saving way to get them looking more polished, such as when color blocking. Simply paint one line down the center and two on either side – that way your task will be complete faster!

Make sure to have some nail polish remover on hand in case of any mistakes or smudges while drying your nails, while tape can keep the polish off of cuticles and skin; peel it off once your nails have set!

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5. Don’t shake the bottle

Many nail technicians shake their polish bottles vigorously, which may result in air bubbles being trapped within it and showing up on your nails – leading to chipped nails faster.

Nail polish should be stored in a cool, dark environment to prolong their shelf life and avoid being subject to heat, light or temperature fluctuations. Proper storage will extend their longevity.

To keep your nail polishes fresh, store them in a cool and dark area like a cabinet or drawer. Additionally, bottle protectors may help protect from dust and light exposure.

6. Don’t use hot air to dry your nails

Not surprisingly, sitting under a blow dryer with the heat on can be tempting but is actually detrimental to your manicure. Hot air can melt your polish causing ripples and bubbles which will utterly destroy its aesthetic value and ruin its look altogether.

Switch up your routine by opting for the cool setting on your blow dryer or sitting near a fan; this will prevent your nails from drying out prematurely and extend its wear time.

Keep your nail polish fresher by keeping it stored in the fridge, and never cut your cuticles as this is considered an absolute no-no!

7. Apply a top coat

Even with the best base coat and application of polish, your manicure may still chip without proper protection from a topcoat. While many might blame their polish for chipping prematurely, a good topcoat can help extend its life significantly and prolong your manicure!

Most top coats are designed to dry quickly; read through the label carefully for details, and choose one that complements your nail color.

If your manicure gets smudged, try rubbing your finger across it or (if that’s too gross for you) licking it (this won’t leave a nasty taste in your mouth!). These techniques will leave a gorgeously smooth and shiny mani that’s ready to post to Instagram!