Lumina Grand EC – A Life-Style Choice

lumina grand ec

Lumina grand ec offers more than just comfortable living conditions; it also provides an array of lifestyle amenities that make it an appealing option for HDB upgraders.

Bukit Batok Town and Jurong shopping malls add further appeal, offering residents comfort, assortment, and luxury not found elsewhere in Singapore.

Exceptional Location

Lumina grand is a breathtaking example of luxurious living at its core in Bukit Batok, situated near various major transport options and making it the ideal option for HDB upgraders who seek both luxury and convenience in their new abode.

Residents also benefit from an efficient bus network that provides easy access to destinations not directly linked to the MRT, such as malls and locations outside the city. This peace of mind gives families confidence that their loved ones can travel safely without hassles thanks to these reliable bus services.

The Jurong Region Line (JRL) will further improve connectivity within this development, cutting journey times to urban centers, shopping hotspots, and leisure spots – in turn leading to higher property values for homeowners and investors alike.

Easy Access to MRT

As Singapore makes strides towards an eco-friendlier future, Lumina Grand EC is supporting this trend by encouraging residents to commute via walking or cycling. Bike lanes and pedestrian walkways allow easy access to shopping malls such as IMM and Jurong Point as well as schools such as Dazhong Primary School, Bukit View Primary School and Singapore Polytechnic for residents.

Lumina Grand EC’s connectivity will be further augmented with the arrival of Jurong Region Line (JRL), making journeys to western and northern parts of Singapore far simpler for its homeowners. Thanks to JRL, these residents can enjoy car-free living for even greater convenience compared with other residences.

Lumina Grand EC residents also benefit from an efficient bus network that provides access to areas not directly served by MRT stations. Reliable bus services allow residents to safely explore nearby shopping malls or more distant locales without worrying about transportation issues.

A Well-Designed Bus Network

Lumina grand’s convenient location allows families to spend less time travelling on school runs and more quality time with their kids. Keming Primary School, known for fostering creativity and character development, and Swiss Cottage Secondary both provide holistic instruction that equips their students with knowledge and abilities necessary for today’s competitive world. Such convenient accommodations enable families to spend less time transporting children across town each morning, giving more quality time with them instead.

The Jurong Region Line (JRL) will enhance connectivity by making travel more convenient for Lumina residents in western and northwestern Singapore. Occupants will find themselves able to visit friends and family more freely without dealing with traffic congestion; making journeys faster and more pleasant overall.

Additionally, Lumina Estate is well served by an efficient bus network which makes commuting to places not directly linked to MRT easier for its residents – so they can reach shopping malls or distant destinations quickly without the need for car ownership. This allows Lumina residents to lead car-free lives.

The Bukit Batok Community Club

Lumina Grand EC stands out among Bukit Batok’s well-planned infrastructure by providing residents with access to shopping malls, dining establishments, and entertainment opportunities – providing residents with modern living amenities that go far beyond what traditional HDB layouts can provide.

As well as shopping hubs, the neighbourhood boasts world-class educational institutions. Keming Primary School – just minutes away – fosters Singaporean children’s minds through an enriching learning environment.

Bukit Batok Community Club is also conveniently located nearby Lumina Grand and offers workshops, classes and activities to help residents explore new hobbies or passions. Its presence underscores the value of community as well as reflecting its development potential – making Lumina Grand an appealing investment option for HDB upgraders.

A Sound Investment

Lumina Grand EC offers more than just luxury residences; it is a lifestyle choice with unrivaled location, premium amenities, and an attractive sense of community. Ideal as long-term investments or for future resale opportunities.

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Families that prioritize education will find this EC to be ideal, being located just minutes from top schools like Keming Primary School – known for providing exceptional personal and academic development for its pupils.

Millennia Institute stands out as an exceptional option for pre-university studies, boasting state-of-the-art facilities and an ethos focused around global engagement. Furthermore, its proximity to business hubs such as Raffles Place makes this choice time and cost effective for professionals alike.